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Holistic Hands Service

Brightening Facial and Feet Treatment

Brightening Facial and Feet Treatment

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This treatment is the very best of both worlds of the face and feet!

45-Minute Brightening Facial with Brightening Vitamin C Cleanser, Toner, and A fascia Blasting exfoliation.
45-Minute Feet Treatment with 10-minute hot water bubbling soak, scrub of feet and legs, then pressure massage and reflex points

You will receive a full facial and full feet treatment.

Recover and feel great after this tune-up of the face and feet! Both will get cleansed, exfoliated masqued, and moisturized. Massage included. Choice of FIR Sauna or hot stone.

The feet retreat is meant to warm in the winter and soften with butter for deep pressure scraping and manual therapy of the feet. Perfect for people who stand on the job or have hard-craked feet due to moist boots.


The Facial is in part the fascia facial and meant to cleanse, revive and replenish the vitalize of dry skin or dull skin, Exfoliation and rigorous facial massage with oil is performed in a lymphatic purging way.

This session is enjoyable and envigorating!


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