Embrace. Evolve. Emerge.

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 We are a leading massage and holistic body therapy company in San Diego offering the very best quality client care, state of the art techniques, and the finest products for total body wellness.  Holistic Hands is a transformative practice providing and facilitating therapeutic solutions. Our goal is for our clients to embrace. evolve. emerge as a healed and prosperous Spirit, Mind, and Body.

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 Authentic Living Means
Holistic thinking

Cleanse the body's skin, purge the digestive, and nourish muscles in the month of march. spring clean, You!!


BODY Wraps
Detox or waste of time?

Embrace . Evolve . Emerge .  Butterfly...



It's Back~ 5 Massages Pack  $210  ($42ea.)

We are seriously wanting you to address that muscular issue! So much so, we have slashed our rates to make it easy for you, to care for you!!


Spring Clean SPa Party

2 hour mobile spa party for
2-4 people  $59 per person

Happy Spring Time!! This is the perfect time of year to cleanse the body, recharge the body's clock with the time change and just plain ol' feel renewed!  What is even better is you can have a few friends feel just as great as you for the same great savings!

Some people are brought into your life to exhort your Soul’s calling.
— t.r.5150

Gallery of celebrity and VIP encounters.


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