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Embrace. Evolve. Emerge.

Welcome to holistic hands

Holistic Hands is a transformative practice providing and facilitating therapeutic solutions. Our goal is for our clients to embrace. evolve. emerge as a healed and prosperous Spirit, Mind, and Body.  We are a leading massage and holistic body therapy company in San Diego offering the very best quality client care, state of the art techniques, and the finest products for total body wellness. 


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Vitamin C complete facial/body care line

Vitamin C complete facial/body care line

Welcome to Your holistic Store

We are so excited to feature our favorite products we use on you and now you can create a holistic home! Everything from essential oils to teeth care, Holistic Hands has tried the best, uses the best and now delivers the best right to your home or office. Please check in frequently as we continue to update and add new products.

Bodyworks on a whole new level

 Focusing on inflammation, muscle pain, irriated skin and general immune health; masques, scrubs, body wraps, feet care and treatments take the body to another level of release and immune boosting.   Our goal is to teach you how to care for your entire body's skin! Body treatments with home care products and simple livestyle techniques will empower and bring total healing to your body.

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Corporate wellness and chair massage

Tiffany traveled over 10,000 miles speaking across southern California about the effects of stress on the body and nutritional ways to remedy.  Speaking and teaching Federal Government Employees has been a milestone for our holistic health industry all together! We are making Strides in spreading the benefits of integrative massage and wellness!  


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