Your Lymphatic System Will Thank You For!!! Designed with your health in mind; Scrubs, masques, and body wraps are purposed to exfoliate, detoxify, and rehydrate your skin cells with nourishing elements to firm skin, tone muscles, and boost your mental state for a complete HOLISTIC make-over.


Preparation for your Total Body Treatment!
Any time you schedule a session of body treatment your lymphatic system is about to go through a complete flushing, purging, and revitalization!

Prepare Yourself : Drink plenty of water * Avoid red meat, pork, and shellfish for 24 hours pre and post session * Increase your vitamin C intake in the form of fresh fruits, leafy greens or a whole food vitamin C powder or electrolyte replenishment.

AFTER SESSION CARE: It is quite normal to feel relaxed and loose after a session. Your parasympathetic nervous system has been stimulated and your senses are ready to thrive!! Your immune system has also purged may be vulnerable as your body settles. We require that you reserve at least 2 hours following a session to self care with no busy errands, contract signing, heavy lifting or muscular strenuous actions. For your safety and for others, please rest and relax following your session.