Fascia Blasting To Better Health

Fascia Blasting To Better Health

The ultimate Fascia Blast 

The Fascia System is comprised of cells like all systems of the human body. When the cells are healthy they, are soft, pliable and properly propels the body’s internal structure it surrounds and penetrates. When fascia is unhealthy, the cells form restrictions, adhesions, and distortions, or “R.A.D.” for short.

Restrictions in the body are areas of tight fascia that are restricting something. Blood flow and nerve activity usually. Adhesions are places where the fascia stuck together and balled up like duct tape, and is commonly referred to as a knot. Adhesions can cause restrictions. Distortions in the fascia is where the tissue is pulled out of shape or the body’s structure is distorted, such as with the appearance of cellulite or when a person has a knee that is turned in. The tight, unhealthy fascia is pulling and distorting the anatomy.

When fascia is brought from an unhealthy state into a healthy state, we call this “restoring the fascia”.


  1. Educate Yourself
  2. Put In The Work
  3. Share Your Success

Fascia Is not just about Cellulite! It's about the connective tissue around every muscle and organ! Your fascia can be coiled due to surgery, cuts, sprains, tears in muscles, and even repetitive motion injuries. Educating yourself by learning the tools and how to use, will free yourself towards pain free living!

The solution to your pain is the Fasciaology. It's easy to to learn how to use the tools thanks to the on-line tools and classes now offered in our center at Holistic Hands.

Please visit our Website for class schedule and on-line videos to learn from!


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