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Fall: Seasonal Skin Care

Fall: Seasonal Skin Care Tips


Fall: Your skin changes with the seasons. It has a way for thickening for winter and shedding for Summer. Our amazing organ called skin knows how to repair itself, wound heal, shield against free radicals, and fights against wind, starchy clothes, sun, and synthetic ingredients you absorb. Products that claim to moisturize your skin can be drying you out. This article is intended to give simple tips on ways to help your skin adapt to the new season and you will benefit with a special glow thanks to your happy, healthy skin.


5 Ways to Seasonal Change Your Skin for Fall:

  1. Exfoliate less
  2. Moisturize more
  3. Switch to a body butter and cream
  4. Drink more water
  5. Facial sprays and massage
  1. Exfoliate Less

During Summer your skin was free and exposed. When falls arrives your skin needs repair and moisturizing. During Fall the weather is dry and windy. Free Radicals and dust particles are slapping your face on the regular. Your skin at the end of the day needs to calm and repair itself.

Exfoliation once per week and lightly at that, is suffice. A gentle exfoliant for skin pours through distilled water steam, and a very fine exfoliant is good, avoiding astringents.

Pour hot water in a medium or large bowl. Drop 1-2 drops of Lavender, Sandalwood, or ylang ylang pure essential oil into the bowl. Place towel over head and with eyes closed allow the steam to saturate your face and neck if possible. Breath slowly through the nose and experience the aromatherapy and skin therapy.


  1. Moisturize more

The organ of skin dries during fall season. The weather goes dry and windy. We start to layer our clothes and our skin is now acclimating to clothes and closed pours. Not to mention the detergents that are in the clothes that the skin absorbs and dries out. Moisture helps the skin tremendously. It gives way to elastin and allows the skin to bloom in affect by glowing with a smooth surface. Adding serums and oils at night and a daily cream moisturizer will help. Taking baths allows the pores to open and purge toxins and even has a way of calming inflammation with the natural process of the skin submerged in water. After your bath should include a natural drying with only towel patting and total body moisturizing.


  1. Switch to a body butter and cream

Some people have a very disciplined facial care system but do not touch their body with moisturizer. The whole body is covered with the organ of skin. It is time to start to hydrate the entire body, daily. Your body loves the increase of circulation you give it when you massage in body product. During the Fall season, Body butters protect against environmental elements and lock in moisture. The skin is shielded thanks to the thicker butters of Shea, or Mango or serums and vitamin C in creams help relieve dry, scaly skin. Especially for our elders, body butters are great for aging skin on legs, torso, and arms.

  1. Drink more Water:

Water is the #1 beauty secret for skin. WATER!! H2O, has a way of plumping the skin into smoothness, repair dry skin, and hydrates the skin from the inside, out. Water in the form of baths is an amazing alchemy of water and skin pour opening and absorbing.  But internal water drinking not only hydrates your skin organ but every organ of the body. You will glow with hydration during fall.

  1. Facial Sprays and Massage
    Fall Weather brings dryness, good family times, and FOOD!! Puffy face happens in fall! A little wine, white sauce, and your rump of yum, makes for rich food and puffy mornings. Adding a routine of facial sprays to hydrate and a roller to smooth the eyes and face will allow for circulation of the lymphatic system of the neck and face, and combat holiday puffiness. Massaging in your moisturizer increases lymphatic circulation and releases tension in the face due to tight, dry skin.





By, Tiffany n Rivera, hhp
Holistic Hands University

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