MASKS: Yes...We have sterile masks available at our reception counter.

TEMPERATURE: Yes, Please take your own, and we always intake.pre-session.
INTAKE: Yes, we are customary to intake your healthy and muscle conditions current and chronic conditioned.

CANCELLATIONS: We have lifted the 24 hour notice. You can call me ANYTIME and cancel it at this time. Life changes...However, we do have a regular waiting list and 2 weeks booked in advance at full capacity So please be considerate and give as much notice as possible, so another can capture your spot!

YOUR MASSAGE: Your table is disinfected and sheets changed, just as before. We have added a 15 minute cleanse that includes steam of the table and linens once the session is complete. We will have our greeting, session, and payment transaction in the same room, to avoid overcrowding in the waiting area.
You will have quiet moments to rest and enjoy the quiet atmosphere, so many of us miss it.

FLU SHOTS & VACCINES: Please do not plan your massage within 48 hours of having your flu shot or vaccines. Same-day massage is Not Accepted and you will be rescheduled.

LYMPHATIC CIRCULATION and COVID! Holistic Hand's mission is to always provide ways to balance and boost your immune system. It has been proven that massage increases the circulation of the lymphatic system. There are many occasions when people have experienced tired and cold like systems after a massage. Especially if it has been a long while since your last massage. We ask that you drink plenty of water which furthers the cleansing flush and joy of lymphatic detoxification!. It is natural... With that being said, please plan to rest following your massage and do not plan for a heavy activity or high mental projects within 2 hours after one of our sessions. We encourage rest and re-coop. After a good night's sleep, you should feel great!! If you start to feel poorly for more than 3 days, please call our office and notify us and follow up with your health care practitioner.

Regular Rate: $75 65-minutes
Insurance Rate: $55 55-minutes
Seniors 65+: $50 55-Minutes
CPT Code:
97140 $11.25 per 15-minutes
92111 Office Fee: $10
Manual therapy is refundable with your Flex Spending and Health Savings
You will not need a referral for visits from your Physician.

Medical Massage Centers Like Holistic hands is deemed essential and will remain OPEN in the event of city closure. As long we all follow our part in the whole effort to keep this virus at bay, the best for us all. I must follow very strict guidelines for my Dad to visit as his care provider. You can feel assured, our center is taking very serious precautions.

We are excited to be able to fully serve you!!

Stay Safe
Tiffany and Friends

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