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Your Health is My Passion

Tiffany’s passion is supporting lives through touch, education, respect, and prosperous living. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner, certified through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworks (NCBTMB) and a California Licensed Massage Therapist.

She practices with over 20 years entrepreneurial experience in medical and therapeutic massage, total body skin care and spa wellness.  She has developed curriculum for business and bodyworks and instructed new massage practitioners. Most recently she has immersed herself into Palliative massage and Alzheimer’s care due to her father having the disease.

She shares the journey and gives advising support to those needing resources.

Bodywork specialties include massage therapy, obesity, chronic muscular pain, fibromyalgia massage, Myofascial Release. Neuro muscular re-education, Geriatric massage and comfort care, Medical massage, Deep tissue, Lymphatic drainage, Orthopedic massage, Soft tissue injury rehab, Cancer healing massage, Healing touch, Tiffany’s own intuitive palpation, Hydro and cryo therapies, Active release,  Holistic health and total body skin care.