Renewing Polisher Scrub

Renewing Polisher Scrub


100% Natural

Remove the grime of a tiring day with Renewing Polisher Scrub. This facial scrub contains essential oils from peppermint, lemon, and orange. You'll feel energized and refreshed and ready to conquer anything. With Alpha Hydroxy Acids, this formula will break through your skin's outermost layers to deeply cleanse pores. This gentle exfoliating scrub will reduce the presence of fine lines to make your skin appear vibrant and soft.

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Gently exfoliates removing dirt, oils, and dead skin cells
Improves skin tone and texture and reduce fine lines
Alpha Hydroxy Acids further breakdown skin's outermost layer, renewing skin
Skin will be more vibrant, healthier, and soft
Peppermint, Lemon and Sweet Orange essential oil

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