Exclusive Natural Candles from TR Barkowsky

Exclusive Natural Candles from TR Barkowsky


Patchouli- Our idea of the perfect earthy herbal aroma  with a  peaceful
balance of both light and Dark patchouli.  This candle pairs well with many of our other fragrances Grapefruit, mulberry, and  sugar plum
fairy are just a few of our favorites at TR Barkowski. This was the
first fragrance from TR Barkowsky.

Grapefruit-  Envision a fresh picked sliced grapefruit out in the morning
sun of San Diego. With a little help from its friends tangerine, satsuma,
and a hint of basil this has quickly become a cult favorite from TR Barkowsky.

Sugar Plum Fairy- The name says it all. This fairytale like fragrance
cocktails the amazing combination of sugar spice and everything.... well
you get the point. Our perfect blend of vanilla, plum, mulberry, pear and
spice. Excellent any time of year this scent has become a holiday favorite
to break the traditional norm of the holiday ho hum of fragrances.  This
makes Sugar Plum a gifting favorite from TR Barkowsky.

Bonfire- Inspired by family, friends, and fun times by the fire. Bonfire
is an amber, earthy aroma with balsam ,fir, and spices. Men love this scent
and often call it the perfect scent for a man cave as well.

 Mulberry- a classic inspired fragrance from the youth of TR Barkowsky's
 founder. Mulberry blended with wild berries and a hint of orange zest.

Lemon and Lavender- A  zesty calming blend of  lemon and lavender with
notes of  pineapple,cyclamen and eucalyptus. This fragrance is a spa time
must at TR Barkowsky.

Apples and Cinnamon -   Crispy apples sprinkled with fresh ground cinnamon is the only way to describe this classic scent  originally blended for my Mom.

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