Detoxifying Masque

Detoxifying Masque


Detoxifying Masque
100% Natural

Escape the harmful effects of free radicals, and daily life by applying the Detoxifying Masque to your face. Through a clever combination of red Moroccan clay, vitamins, and essential oils, this masque will draw toxins and grime from your skin. Unlike many mainstream skincare products, this masque's formula is completely natural, and it is gentle enough for acne-prone skin. 


Recommended for Congested, Polluted Skin:

Deeply cleanses and purges impurities from the skin and pores
Recommended for congested, acne prone skin
Red Moroccan clay draws out toxins
12 cleansing herbal extracts detoxify skin
Vitamins E and B3 soothe and nourish
Lavender and Rosewood essential oils

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