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Vitamin C Moisturizer

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98% NaturalDiscover firmer and younger looking skin with this high potency Vitamin C brightening formula. The powerhouse among antioxidants, Vitamin C naturally promotes and enhances skin’s natural collagen production, which improves texture and elasticity. Vitamin C is blended with nourishing and moisturizing, quick-absorbing organic oils to condition and rejuvenate the skin. Additionally, ;Vitamin C works to heal past damage to skin cells, lightening, and brightening dark spots while supporting and optimizing skin health at the cellular level. The results speak for themselves! With regular and consistent use, dark spots are diminished and complexion is noticeably more even, fine lines and scars are less visible, and skin tone is tighter and firmer. Great for the evening to nourish your skin as you rest, aiding in the natural cycle of repair and rejuvenation that takes place while sleeping. ;Recommended For:Moisturizes and hydrates while brightening Vitamin C helps to brighten skin & fade dark spots Boosts collagen and reduces the effects of aging Tangerine, Mandarin & Sweet Orange Essential Oils


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