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Fat Cat Skincare

Gentle Aloe Body Wash

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A gentle soap that does not burn the eyes! Perfect anti-bacterial body cleanser after playing in pools, ocean, gardening, or any outdoor play! Use as an everyday gentle liquid soap. will nourish the skin with aloe vera and soft Castille soap.

Give your bottle a little shake, then air pump twice for a soothing and gentle clean. You can feel the gentleness of our Aloe Body Wash. It goes on soft and moisturizes your skin on a nano-cellular level. with fractionated Coconut oil and soothing non-burning aloe vera. Best for after the sun or if you have been in the ocean or lake. Scrapes will feel no burn! The soap does not burn wounded skin

Scrapes, after tattoo care, wounds, kids scrapes after skateboard play. 

Ingredients: Castille Soap, Vitamin E, 2% 


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