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Puffy Fascia Pain & Edema Relief Bar

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You know that puffy feeling…hands swollen, ankles tight and thighs feel tight…Puffy fascia happen for a few reasons: hormones, genetics, lack of exercise, and poor diet. Puffy fascia also occurs due to tight muscles and adhesive tissue and inflammation. Pain is caused by inflammation and so many other reasons. Edema is usually a lymphatic system or auto immune issue. One or more limbs can be swollen and others just fine.. Protocols to self treat puffy fascia is available with our bar of the most nutritious, Ingredients include vitellaria paradoxa, theobroma cocoa, cucumis sativus, arnica asteraceae, Mentha, alpha tocopherol, aloe vera, cucumis sativus. Suggested use of the Puffy Fascia Pain and Edema Relief Bar: Muscle Pain: First warm the area . For example: Take a walk, or a warm shower then apply product when warm and dry . Glide your puffy fascia bar on and around the painful area or cellulite focused area. Then proceed to manual massage in a kneading fashion or with a tool in a scraping fashion. Less but more is best…scrape the area using light pressure but do 10 repetitive strokes. keep gentle massage until product is fully adsorbed or for 10 minutes. Then allow the muscle area to completely rest. For Edema and Lymphatic Drainage: We recommend you apply product then gentle scrape with the fascia tool or will your own digital friction. Lite and easy in repetitive strokes. You can follow the dry brushing routine for lymphatic drainage and be very effective for total puffy relief. Good for after surgery muscle rehab, ounce the incision is closed. Good topical for myofascial release and manual therapy.


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