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Immune Boosting Hydrotherapy Bath Soak

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Boosts immunity; to relieve cold & flu symptoms.Promotes perspiration to soothe; body aches and pains.Cools; and calms to release tension, stuffiness & headaches. ;Stimulates the Lymphatic System;| Home or Professional Use;100% Natural | Organic |; Full Spectrum Extraction TechnologyUghh, you feel it. The exhaustion, headache, body aches; followed by sneezing;and; coughing or something worse starting to settle in. You've got a million things to do and now your body is denying your ambitions and you are or will soon be feeling ill from a cold, flu, respiratory or sinus infection or some other imbalance wearing down your immunity. ;Soothe your mind and body while boosting immunity and relieving cold and flu symptoms with ;immune boosting and soothing ;herbal extracts, mineral salts and essential oils. ;So you can feel better and be healthier in no time.


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