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Firming Body Scrub

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Firming Body ScrubBegins the firming and toning process ;with herbal extracts & essential oils. ;Exfoliates, removing dead skin and debris to reveal fresher skin. ;Supports leg vein health and circulation to feel better. ;Stimulates the Lymphatic system. ;| Home or Professional use.100% Natural | Organic | ;Full Spectrum Extraction TechnologyGot dimples on the wrong cheeks? If you're like most women (and men), the thought of warmer weather brings a dribble of sweat to your brow ;as higher temps ;lead to ;more exposure of your ripples and dimples. Stress less and tighten, tone and firm loose, sagging, ;crepey skin and the dreaded "orange peel" effect naturally while also ;improving ;the appearance of unsightly varicose and spider veins. ;Exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal fresher, healthier skin as you begin to tighten, tone and firm when used in combination with our Firming Body Mask and Firming Lotion. ;With ;regular use, dimply skin; the hallmark of cellulite and veins become less visible and appear more smooth as ;skin tone and texture improve. Start today to get smoothed and softened.


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