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Brightening Serum - Inhibiting

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A must for serious Melasma, sun spot or age spot sufferers to help inhibit and reduce the future appearance of pigmentation. This oil free gel utilizes a high concentration of herbal extracts which contain natural Tyrosinase inhibitors and pigment lighteners. ;Inhibition of Tyrosinase prevents the formation of Melanin; cells responsible for pigmentation. ;25% Uva Ursi extract (Bearberry), alpha- Arbutin, Kojic acid and Licorice root ;work ;similar to Hydroquinone, but without the same worry of side effects to reduce the activation of melanin and lighten and brighten skin tone and texture. ;Alpha Hydroxy acids and Vitamin A help increase cellular turnover keeping pigment adhering cells to a minimum. ;Age spots, sun spots and Melsama patches will gradually reduce and skin will be more vibrant and even. ;0.5 fl oz / 15 ml


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