Hands To Heaven

Palliative & Geriatric comfort touch

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Elder skin and body massage care is a special service with a mission to nourish, hydrate and protect aging and dry skin for those in bed care, transitional life phase and hospice. Massage eases stress and provides comfort. Facials and gentle skin cleansing helps the whole body heal.

Keeping the skin hydrated allows comfortable healing and letting go in life's precious transitions.

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Total Body Skin / Body Care; First the skin needs to be cleansed and removed of dry skin and extra skin that accumulates. In Palliative care, the purpose is to gently wipe away debris and toxins from the skin and allow the pores to open and breathe which in result, revitalizes the Loved one!
Gentle skin exfoliation, and moisturizing application is applied


Upper Body; The beautiful part of the upper body is that it includes the head and brain! In Palliative care, cleansing and massaging the face and scalp and gentle upper body massage, stimulates your loved one in alert and enjoyable ways.

Scalp and face, neck, upper back, hands and arms. Includes, warm lotions or creams.



First Session in Home $125

Follow up Sessions $95

Any Home or Center outside of the Greater San Diego area, ADD $18

Lower Body; The most beautiful part about the lower body is it includes the feet! In Palliative care, the feet are the gateway towards better sleep and relaxing the agitated and restless Loved Ones.

Feet soaks using warm wet towels, warm oil or lotion with manual lymph drainage to legs and hips.