Mobile spa parties Overview

Holistic Hands provides unique Spa and Wellness Parties to take you on a journey to yourself while experiencing the joys of life with friends and loved ones. Our Sea Spa coordinator specializes in elegant private spa party creations delivered to your home, office, hotel or personal setting. Our services cater towards the intimate small to medium group with relaxation and unique fun in mind.

We have hosted up to 95 people in a spa setting and have catered on ships on the sea, we have decided to now bring in the fusion of big flare with exclusive tailored small settings

Group size is 2-12 max

 We have hosted exclusive events on Land and at Sea!  Want spa on a Yacht? Yup!, We do that too!  

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Sea SPA Therapists & STATIONS

Our spa party therapists cater to every aspect of your event. We provide all the necessary equipment, products, supplies and professional expertise to create an elegant customized party. 

$110 / hour plus $45 travel set-up 


COMBO Packages

Massage & Facials
Back Delight and Express Hydrating Facial
20 minutes or 30 minutes

Melt into a deep back massage to release and restore, then hydrate and skin revive with our moisturizing vitamin C facial. Facial is a warm wet towel, cleanser, and rich vitamin C moisturizer.

Body Glo Scrub and Brightening Facial
45 minutes

Enjoy an invigorating body scrub with our special reviving scrub. This scrub removed dead skin cells and makes the skin supple, soft and supple. Followed by our Brightening Facial with Masque


Brightening complete set

Brightening complete set


Feet treatments and back massage

Feet Retreat and Back Delight                                                   
20 min or 30 min

This refreshing feet treat is great for scrubbing away sun dried sandaled feet and making your feet refreshed and supple with our minty lotion. Includes warm wet towels and feet massage. The Back delight is firm pressure massage to back you can choose an aromatherapy pure essential as a FREE ADD ON



Glutes and Leg Toning with Back Massage                              20 min           

Increase circulation and combat cellulite with this very invigorating rejuvenating electrical and manual massage. Ladies Love this Treatment!! The Back Massage ties it all together with an ADDED Essential oil for the legs and back for optimal release.


Combo Packages

•       Lady Godiva – Brightening Facial & Head to Toe Massage
(30min session)
•       Your Majesty – Deep Pressure Back Massage & Feet Retreat
(30min session)

•       Legs Delight – Rejuvenator Plus massage to legs and hips & manual toning massage back, legs and hips (30min session)

•       Mani/Pedi Retreat (2 stations) – Buff and Polish to Hands and Toes (50min session)




It’s all in the timing! Plan your Spa Party

1. Pick the timed service or combo package

2. Count how many people in your group want which service

  • Take the total number people and multiply by the minutes; This number will determine the amount of time you will need your spa stations.

  • ie: 8 people want 20 minutes of the Back Delight and Express Hydrating Facial = 160 minutes - or 2 hours and 40minutes.
    You would need one station for 2 hours and 40 minutes.

  • ie: 8 people want 30 minutes of that same = 240 minutes or 4 hours…You would need 2 stations for 2 hours each.

    ADD ONs

  • Gift Bags, robes, slippers, spa products, makeup artist, hair stylist, barber cuts and shaves

The services below list mins that each service gives. So based on the amount of people in your party and the time of service they want, will help determine the length of your spa party.


Ala Carte” Menu

Express Hydrating Vitamin C Facial        30-45 mins

Massage Custom Made                  up to 60 minutes

Feet retreat                10-30mins

Scrubs                        20-45mins



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