Gentlemen’s Hair Care

Hair care is about considering your facial and body hair as a soft extension of yourself. Beards and body hair do not have to be wiry and dry. Your body hair accumulates fabric and environmental debris and can become course and dry. Holistic Hands purpose is to educate you into managing your entire body’s hair and enjoy the softness.


ARGAN Oil Soak

Generous amounts of argan oil infused with hints of mint and sage for a pure cleansing and hair softening experience.
60 minute massage



TOtal body

This is a must at least try! This full body masque applied and you are under a heat lamp or cocooned in warmth. Either design, your body is going through incredible excitement of lymphatic purging with your mind at rest. Your skin will feel silky smooth!
60 minute session
$79 (red or green clay)


sauna and heated oil

Ideal for the intense gentlemen. The sauna will relax tense muscles and open pores through sweating. Warm coconut or argan oil is applied to the whole body including the head and scalp. Deep tissue massage for the areas of tension under a heat lamp infused with the oils.
$110 90 minutes