Massage Overview

What's unique about Holistic Hands therapies is our attention to your needs.  Together we talk about your needs then tailor pick oils or lotions, aromatherapy, heat packs or cold therapy, hot linen towels and any other modality that will give you the most release and comfort while in session. All techniques and add on amenities are included with the price of the session!

The Custom Session!
A complete Customized Massage session with intake, session protocols of type of massage, aromatherapy, heat, traction, oil or lotion. Therapy is 65 minutes with modalities that may include, deep pressure, myofascial release, PNF stretching, trigger point therapy and manual therapies to best release tension and muscular pain.
$75 65mins  $90 90mins  5 Pack Bundles $325

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Medical and Therapeutic Massage

Medical and therapeutic massage is a detailed approach to muscular skeletal dis-eases of the body. Many hours of training of techniques such as neuro-muscular rehabilitation, Myofascial release, Manual lymphatic drainage, and medical soft tissue rehab is required to be approved for insurance providing credentials for most insurance companies. 
$25 30min $55 60min $80 85min
5 Pack Bundles $225

HSA,Flex spending, and Medical Ins. discounts available



Mobile massage for home care or special events

You can enjoy the comfort of no hassle home massage, with our concierge home massage available for any persons.

Included in your session are pillows for propping, pure essential oils, pure organic body products, herbal heat packs.

First Session: $125 for 80 minutes. Includes assessment and massage.
Prices vary and slide for needs of family. 


Corporate wellness & Chair massage

Holistic Hands emphasis is on prevention in the workplace! Stop stressing and produce more is our moto! Lunch~n~learns, corporate parties for milestones and incentive celebrations, and on-site relaxing chair massage. Spa and healthy services suitable for the entire company! 
$85 per hour
Conventions, marketing booths, spa parties, wellness programs

CBD Care by Holsitic Hands

CBD Care is a new service geared towards pain relief . Chronic conditions deserve TLC and CBD is the perfect remedy.
Your 30minutes session will begin with a heat pack for 10  minutes to allow the skin and muscles to heat and soften. Then we apply the CBD and here come the relief...more heat and more massage makes for pain relief and restful, rejuvenation! No THC is in any of our products and all plant based CBDs are carefully tested and manufactured. 
30 minutes  $29

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Elder care hospice and comfort touch

Elder skin and body massage care is a special service with a mission to nourish, hydrate and protect aging and dry skin for those in bed care, transitional life phase and hospice. Massage for stress and comfort and skin care in sponge baths and coating the skin for protection is all vital for comfortable healing and letting go in life's precious transitions.
Services include: 
Total Body Skin Care; Full sponge bath, gentle skin exfoliation, and moisturizing application
Upper Body; Scalp and face, neck, upper back, hands and arms. Includes, shampoo, scalp and hair treatment.
Lower Body; Feet care soaks, toe and nail cleaning, warm oil or lotion with manual lymph drainage to legs and hips.

mobile service available for home, nursing center, hospital, rehab

First session: 90 min. $125  
Follow up visits: 60-75 min. $80-95