Massage Therapies Overview

What's unique about Holistic Hands therapies is our attention to your needs.  Together we talk about your needs then tailor pick oils or lotions, aromatherapy, heat packs or cold therapy, hot linen towels and any other modality that will give you the most release and comfort while in session. All techniques and add on amenities are included with the price of the session!

Modalities include, Medical and Therapeutic massage, Swedish, Compassion touch for Hospice, Geriatric massage, deep pressure, trigger point therapy, acupressure, neuromuscular re-education, sports and PNF. Strain/counter strain, myo-fascia release, active release techniques, intuitive touch and over 20,000 hours of hands on massage care in over 20 years of practice. We are am award winning center since 2008.

Gong Massage is an exponentially deep stress release, joining the combined power of massage and sounding healing.  This 90-minute session uses intuitive acoustic gong, chimes, bells, drum, bowls, and voice intertwined with custom massage therapy. Gong Massage offers a new way for the stressed individual to come back to a state of harmony, balance, and health.

Our Services of in center massage and mobile corporate or home massage meets your needs. We always strive to offer state of the art and the most progressive forms of bodywork and therapeutic modalities. We encourage and support continued education. Lunch n Learns, Chair massage, Speaking engagements, lectures and discussions, video instruction and wellness parties too.