Gentlemen’s body


Gentlemen’s Massage

A complete customized, full body massage with focal points based on intake. Modalities and products used are consulted and applied for best therapeutic results. Body care is also included with oils geared for softening and controlling course body hair.
$75 65 mins

FeEt retreat

The feet are the quickest and safest place to relax the hard working Gentleman. Although some are ticklish…We have the Holistic Hands to help that. We will soak, exfoliate, pressure point, then soften the feet with warm lotion or oils. Calluses are softened and the feet revived!
$55 45 minutes

Head, Neck & Shoulders Focus

Upper body is most used by men in daily activity. Repetitive motion, mental tension, and long hours contribute to gentlemans upper body pain. At Holistic Hands we will take you into a mental retreat to allow the parasympathetic nervous system to awaken! Your body relaxes easier!!
$59 60 minutes



LOwer body healing

Most complained pain is in the lower back. The pressure on the lower legs can cause swelling and pain in muscles and the low back compensates. The Lower back carries the weight of your load. At Holistis Hands we like to relax and educate. Let’s get you out of pain and give you tools for prevention! That’s how we gear up our Gentlemen. Focus is on the low back, glutes, hamstrings, and legs.

$59 60 minutes