fearless in transformation

Holistic Hand’s F.I.T.  vision is to safely facilitate an individual's journey to authentically embrace themselves, evolve in change, and emerge restored and in complete holistic health.


FIT Radio Show is dedicated to the person who is on a journey or has completed a journey of self healing conventionally or alternatively. Expert interviews and testimonials are ways to support our listeners seeking answers!


Friends of Holsitic Hands

Throughout out the existence of Holistic Hands, relationships and harmony in adjunctive care have been created to help assist our client in complete and holistic care. Holistic care includes doctors, practitioners, therapists, family and friends. This approach reminds us that it takes a village to embrace. evolve. emerge. 

Integrative Palliative Care

A comprehensive team approach to healthcare (at home or in the setting of your choice) designed to transform the sacred journey through complex illness or the final days and make it as comfortable, peaceful and joyful as possible.

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Here you will find a unique blend of conventional, integrative and naturopathic medicine practitioners devoted to your health and healing. Our studio and educational center, featuring lectures, retreats, classes, seminars and special events for local, national and international education, is dedicated to bringing you the science of health.