Bodyworks Overview


Holistic Hands has pioneered body treatments and total body skin care in San Diego.
For over 20 years Holistic Hands has been researching and learning about the total body's skin. 60% of what we put topically on our skin is absorbed into the blood stream.  With menus that have been taught in Massage Schools, sessions provide home care instructions using baths, salt scrubs, and home masques to continue healing and rejuvenation. All techniques and most add on amenities are included with the price of the session!

Preparation for your Total Body Treatment!
Any time you schedule a session of body treatment your lymphatic system is about to go through a complete flushing, purging, and revitalization!

Prepare Yourself : Drink plenty of water * Avoid red meat, pork, and shellfish for 24 hours pre and post session * Increase your vitamin C intake in the form of fresh fruits, leafy greens or a whole food vitamin C powder or electrolyte replenishement.