Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

We have offered the healing modality of Far Infrared heat here at our center for many years now. With a small gap of time in not having a sauna in the practice I felt an absence of crucial care in detoxifying.  I have actual data now to show how people have lost weight, detoxified from heavy metal toxins, healed their skin conditions, relieved symptoms of Lyme’s Disease, Fibro Myalgia,  Chronic Fatigue, and relieved tension due to muscle dis-ease and soft tissue injuries. 


Why Infrared?

What is Infrared?

Infrared is the band of light we perceive as heat. We cannot see this band of light with the naked eye, but we can feel this type of light in the form of heat. Our sun produces most of its energy output in the infrared segment of the spectrum. Infrared rays heat your body without having to heat the air in-between, through a process called conversion.

The infrared is divided into 3 segments by wavelengths, measured in microns; 0.76~1.5 microns-near; 1.5~5.6 microns-middle; 5.6~1000 microns-far infrared. Among these segments, only far infrared penetrates organic substances such as the human body two to three inches so that the warming effect is very uniform.

Our unit we use, the Health Mate Sauna's exclusive M-type far infrared heaters radiate this far infrared to safely and effectively warm your body.

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How Does It Benefit Us?

Because infrared rays penetrate the body over 1-1/2 inches throughout conversion, there is a deep heating effect in the muscle tissues and internal organs without giving too much burden to our heart.

Our body reacts to the increased heating through the natural cooling process of perspiring. Through the perspiration process, acid and waste residue like toxins, sodium, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol and the potentially carcinogenic heavy metals are removed from the cells (especially zinc, lead, nickel, cadmium, etc). As well as the pores of our skin opening and discharging waste products, the skin sheds any old skin cells, leaving it glowing and immaculately clean, with improved tone, elasticity, texture and colour.

Far infrared is like sun’s healing ray without harmful UV rays. Far infrared ray penetrates deep into the skin and heats your body from inside out.

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How Safe Is It?

Because infrared is part of the sunlight, it's completely safe to use. Health professionals have used red infrared heat lamps for decades to treat muscle and joint problems. In hospital baby care units, incubators are often equipped with infrared heating systems to keep newborn babies warm.

Your Session

Our clients have experienced amazing sessions in our Sauna. In a private setting with carafe of water and tea, you can listen to your favorite music brought in or our selection and read a magazine or book. You can also turn off the light, close your eyes and experience deep heat and relaxation. This is a very subtle relaxing and cleansing sauna. You’ll experience benefits on a physical and physiological level the very first try.


Before a massage:
Will increase circulation and heat the muscles prior to your massage. Your body will be already warm and ready for deep or firm pressure in the beginning of your session.


With a body Wrap:
The Herbal soak of the bodywrap is of detox ingredients and will increase the purging of the sweat glands and may increase of the amount of perspiration. This will further the calorie burn and cell shrinkage, fulfilling the intension of the session.

Other Benefits

o  Weight Loss & Control

o  Muscle & Joint Pain

o  Toxins & Mineral Waste

o  Stress & Fatigue

o  Blood Circulation & Cardiac Health


Tiffany Rivera