Elder Skin and Body Care

Elder Skin and Body Care

Over the 20 years of my massage career, working with the elders have been my favorite population to touch and spend time with. I was raised in an era that you called everyone Mr. and Mrs., If they appeared to be older that you. My elders that I work with are of the baby boomers born in the 20’s and 30’s. They came from an era that touch was not proper outside of the home and during their youth they were either at war or helping build the ships. They did not have time for massages nor really think of it, even. Until the past decade thanks to so much progress!

Our professions of massage, healing touch, bodyworks and energy healing have made huge strides toward reaching the elder public and bringing touch into the homes, nursing homes, hospitals and final transitions hospice. It’s an honor to build trust with a 95 year old who has done it all. The approach towards a new client is one of respect and humble beginnings. Understanding and compassion sets the tone for any session with my elders. Every day is different for them.


Elder massage is usually instigated by the child or a caretaker that has heard of the benefits of such care. Massaging the skin as frail as elder skin care be, can be a nourishing and quite relaxing experience. The key is light touch and gentle strokes when applying lotions and creams to the body. When their skin is loose and muscle tone is a bit weak, rubbing skin can feel like ripping the skin off the bones. The fascia is micro-pulling and can feel like it’s ripping. All the more to apply warm gentle strokes.

Sometimes hands and feet are all people are comfortable getting massaged and can be so wonderful to give and to receive.

Benefits include:

·        Skin hydrations with oil or lotions

·        Muscle tension release

·        Increased circulation and immune boosting

·        Mental relaxation with quiet moments and soothing music


Complementary assessment is available to help you decide if massage and gentle skin care is a great way to go with your loved ones!

Tiffany Rivera