Fascia and You

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Fascia is connective tissue that is comprised of collagen and protects your organs and muscles. Fascia is the sheath of connective tissue that surrounds and supports muscles, bones and internal organs. Fascia supports our musculoskeletal system so we can perform activities like walking, running, sitting at a desk for long periods of time. With inactivity, fascia can become “stuck,” causing discomfort.  When fascia tightens the connective tissue literally squeezes the muscle tissues and can make for tense, tight muscles and skin. When not working properly, fascia can weaken blood flow, decrease hydration in the muscles, impede flexibility and when unattended to will cause cellulite. Cellulite is actually fascia that has been distorted and is the external result of a long-ignored problem. Desk workers are most prone to cellulite due to the compression of tissue, lack of movement and the fascia tension around surrounding muscles.


A new craze called fascia blasting took the body conscious community by storm! Invented by Ashley Black, she maintains that by dealing with fascia you can eliminate cellulite. As a body worker, I have actually used similar tools and this tools set in particular and when used properly can be very effective. Cellulite and fascia need movement and circulation to purge lymphatic stagnation and to undo the web of tissue forming Fascia Blasting is a way to move and manipulate the skin, fascia, and muscle tissue.

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Over the years, many different therapies have been developed to alleviate pain or posture problems attributed to fascial stiffness. Massage therapy, exercise, Rolfing, and yoga can stretch fascia as well. Manual therapy using hands, scrubs and tools are by far, the best way to break up stagnant tissue.  Self care is best when taught by a professional who knows how to use tools and supportive techniques to properly customize your stretches and give you the best possible results. 
Consider a session and let your therapist teach you how to safely treat yourself to fascia care for smoother, sultry skin.