How Combo Packages Enhance Your Total Wellbeing

Combo sessions are intended to stimulate more than one system of your body;  To ignite, if you will, your total healing. Spa Wellness has a purpose and is why when experienced, should feel luxurious and with welcome elegance.

Therapists who offer spa sessions are intending to stimulate your systems. When I have a client who has a scrub and body wrap I have multiple intentions. My intention is to stimulate your lymphatic and skin’s organ to purge and re-absorb nutrients. In passive relaxation,  my client’s body is hard at work. When I place flowers and soft music and special scenery for you, it is to help your mental stimuli take a pleasure venture, your body in busy in the trenches of the cellular kind. When  your parasympathetic system is stimulated, your body can passively release.

You can drench your senses!! Here are some symptoms that may occur after a purging spa session.

~ Increased fatigue
~ Physical weakness and tiredness
~ Nausea
~ Sleepiness

WHY?? It is actually a good sign that you may have these symptoms after such a session. Your body has been purging debris from deep tissue layers that can include, alcohol, product like lotions and synthetic ingredients, or nicotine, just to name a few…Your body must still process the excretion of such and which is why you should drink plenty of water to pass off the debris in the system.

So next time you make an appointment, consider your options of adding a another service. Enjoy and allow your body to work for you while you drift off and rest..