Men Are Leading the Skin Care New Trends

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Studies have shown that men are seeking self care for their skin means, they are getting in touch with themselves and their needs. I say BRAVO! Skin care and men is becoming more obvious and the aging man is becoming more noticeable with women. It is not about the age of the skin; it’s about how the skin looks and feels on a man or woman. Men and women both, want to be around people who feel good on the inside, have glowing skin and most important, are not afraid to do what it takes to get those needs met!! 


Basic Skin Care Essentials:
There are 5 basic essential steps to keep your skin strong, supple and ageless. Most of us are dehydrated and dry skinned. It’s normal. This list is designed for all skin types and will enhance all of us regardless of your skin type.  Consider your whole body as the organ called skin. And this organ needs total body cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing and protection.
Cleanse the skin daily – 2 times a day if you work outside. 
With the elements and toxins in the environment, skin absorbs and breathes in those toxins and clog pores. Clogged pores trap the toxins in, and slowly your skin absorbs the toxins into the blood stream. Cleansing the skin exfoliates and clears the pores. Your skin will absorb your anti-aging products or moisturizers much better with clean skin.
1.    Hydration
Your skin is like a sponge and is a living breathing organ that requires moisture to stay elastic and strong. Hydration slows down dry flaky skin from forming. Drinking lots of water is essential and using moisturizing lotions and oils helps hold the moisture into the skin and body. Coconut water has electrolytes that also aids in dehydration. 
2.    Protection
Skin protection from the sun is not just a summer time consideration. It is an everyday need.  Protection from Ultraviolet A and B is crucial for maintaining elasticity and strength of the skin. Eating foods with antioxidants and vitamin C and not eating sugar is important. Sugar breaks down collagen which is very important for skin elasticity and flexibility. 
3.    Sleep
Sleep is so important for the overall health of our bodies. But how it relates to skin is stress and dehydration. Stress and insomnia dries out the skin and taxes the hormones in our body needed to replenish and revive with a full nights rest. 
4.    Nutrition
Eating a diet with Lycopene, Zinc, Omega 3 fatty acids, beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin A, and antioxidants are a fabulous way to heal, and maintain good skin health.
Good foods good for the skin:
Watermelon: wonderful hydration with 75% of the fruit is water.  Also has Vitamin C and Lycopene
Sweet potatoes: Loaded with beta carotene known as an anti inflammatory and increases circulation
Salmon: Contains zinc and omega 3 fatty acids that aids in complexion and suppleness of the skin
Almonds: Contains vitamin E a known antioxidant
Blueberries: This is an antioxidant powerhouse! Loaded with Lycopene is a carotenoid present in human serum and skin as well as the liver, adrenal glands, lungs, prostate and colon
Grapefruit: Loaded with Lycopene
Choosing Your Product Regimen:
Before you start with a skincare product regimen, you need to find out your skin type: oily, normal/combination, dry, perceptive or sun- impaired. Once you’ve figured that out, you might desire to understand what products to choose and how to use them. You can take this quiz to determine your skin type on-line, or I recommend you visit an esthetician or dermatologist for a skin review and best advice for your consideration on your skin type.  Take a quick Quiz on how much do you know about skin.
Skin typing yourself…Take this on-line quiz.

Tiffany Rivera