Body Wraps ~ Detox the Body or Waste of Time

I began by researching articles written on body wraps and I have found startling evidence that 1. These articles though partially relevant, were lacking huge insight into the body’s systems being stimulated during a body wrap. I plan to go deeper into the reactions of the body from first hand experience as a bodyworker having applied hundreds of body wraps.

Most success from any bodywrap is the product solution that your wrap material is soaked in. The most important organ in function during a bodywrap is your skin! Your skin is transdermal with absorbing the product and in combination of sweat inducing heat, your skin pores open wide, start to excrete perspiration and begin to flush with the product applied.  The second most important system in action is your lymphatic system. The heat, product, and compression of the wraps stimulates the lymph to purge.  This combo of passive sweat and product transdermal stimulation, literally makes the skin cells open and close, swell and tighten and the results are amazing! Your skin is hydrated, cleansed, and plump with action! That feeling alone makes the client feel invigorated and alive.

available in our store..

available in our store..

If your product is of pure substance and you continue to drink water, eat your cleansing diet and move the body, the effects of the wrap can last quite a while and even jump start people into incredible change. The reason 3 wraps are usually recommended is for the purging benefits of the lymphatic system and the metabolism increase. Passive sweats allow the intestines to increase blood flow and peristalsis movement of fecal by not being subjected to jarring movements of exercise. Lying down in heat can do wonders for your digestion. Our center encourages you to take baths for this very reason of passive intestine relaxation and stimulation of the digestion process.

In conclusion, body wraps do not waste your time at all! They may not give you the skinny results you want without effort, but they will boost important body systems and can ignite great change for your body and health! Where else can you lie down comfortably, close your eyes, and passively sweat into calorie burn??!!  With that, we will look forward to taking your body on an adventure with your next body wrap!

Here is a quick check list to prepare and make the most of your body wrap

1. Ask about the product. Make sure ingrediants are organic, herbal based and non alcohol.
2. Drink lots of water and do not eat meat 24 hours prior or post. - for maximum digestion
3. Do not have high expectations of results in inch loss. the focus should be about the stimulation of your lymphatic system, which will help you lose tons of inches if you keep it clean.
4. Do your homework between sessions. Eat vitamin C, drink lots of water, stay away from junk food, and exercise.