Autumn Skin Tidbits

Every individual’s skin care needs change, just like the seasons change. Our body sheds and transforms into thicker skinned humans from September to April as we layer and un-layer our skin for warmth and protection. The parts that take the most toll are the hands, face, lips, and neck.  Dry skin can be dreadful. Here are some helpful tidbits to keep you ahead of the rest.


Autumn Months bring dry, cooler air that pulls the moisture from our skin. What is nice about autumn is the recovery time from the sun and salt of summer. We get to exfoliate off the season and moisture pack the skin for the autumn.

Autumn Skin Tidbits:

~Exfoliate the skin and moisturize! After a bath or shower is the best time to apply and help seal in oils and water that will replenish and offer nutrition to the skin

~Protect you Lips. Continue to apply spf moisturizer and keep from ultraviolet rays. Salves or oils at night will replenish the day’s wear and tear.

~Switch from Lotion to creams. As the air becomes more dry, your skin needs to thicken with moisturizer that are thicker and offer a barrier to the elements.

~Switch from oils to salves:  Salves offer a thicker oily barrier that will protect against water and windy conditions.

~Invest in a hand cream: Hand creams offer moisture and avoids dry cracked skin and eczema symptoms. Apply after each hand washing and keep handy in your daily bag.

~KEEP UP THE SUNSCREEN: Sunscreen is an all year long need for all persons.


Tiffany Rivera