Gentlemen’s Wellness

Gentlemen’s health is a lifestyle. It is a way of being in a classy, self loved space of living. It is the practice of making time for your needs in health, image, skin and total body care. Feeling Suave and living it too! It’s not a snobby thing, it’s allowing the aging process to come to you and you handle it with
grace and power.
Aging is an Attitude


Body and Mind

Gentlemen’s wellness in body and mind is utilizing the passive therapies that tone and energize. When you integrate body treatments like scrubs, and deep meditative massage sessions, you are taking your mind and body to a whole new level in stamina and power. A calm mind in the mist chaos is the gentlemen’s way.


TOtal body skin care

What is sexy skin? Supple, soft, smooth? We do know that your skin actually thrives in its ideal environment. Skin needs water, it needs moisturizing. Skin needs attention. We encourage Far Infrared Sauna Sessions for skin purging, cleansing and rejuvenating. Men are caring more their their entire bodies, studies reveal.. We want to stock your tool box for entire body skin care. We educate and pamper.


Total Body Hair Care

Body hair is sexy. It can be kept soft and strokable with oil treatments to the entire body. Tame your body hair. The benefits are amazing and soften your whole being. Gentlemen’s wellness puts the suave in your nakedness. Silken, soft and glowing men are confident.