Enjoy one of our amazing San Diego body scrubs!

The benefits of a good body scrub   Increase of body fluid circulation –   Flushes surface blood vessels and lymph –   Exfoliates dead skin cells –   Stimulates and breaks up adhesion and stagnation.  Sessions include hot linen cleanse and warm oil re-hydrating application.

Focused Scrubs 

tiff scrub hands

Exfoliate and Hydrate Delight

Using or exclusive Educe Detoxifying gel based scrub, we can focus on your chosen areas to smooth skin, promote lymphatic circulation and pore purging. Includes dry skin brush.
40 minutes – $45

Lavender or Peppermint Bliss

Delightful and invigorating custom salt  scrub infused with aromatherapy oil of pure Lavender or peppermint for a nourishing skin polish. great for invigorating the skin cells and breaking up cellulite.
40 minutes – $45

Specialty Scrubs Sessions:

Invigorating therapeutic soma scrubs used to break up stagnation, increase lymph drainage, and exfoliate the skin.


Total Soma Shampoo Scrub: 80 minutes – $90

A gel based entire body wash with an aromatherapy and herbal infused educe scrub serum. Includes warm linen soak and steam of back and belly. Includes massage with the scrub.

Energizing Tailored Polish: 60 minutes – $75

A full body scrub designed for your needs in mind. You can choose the perfect scrub type, aromtherapy, and moisturizing time. This  uplifting and energizing session will revive and inspire your whole body. Includes massage with the scrub.

Body Scrubs and Shampoos San Diego