Massages San Diego

All sessions are custom designed with your needs in mind. We consult together then pick oils or lotions, aromatherapy, heat packs or cold therapy, hot linen towels and any other modality that will give you the most release and comfort while in session. All techniques and add on amenities are included with the price of the session!

65 Minute Massage – $75

Any style of massage and technique- goal oriented to include therapeutic techniques such as deep tissue, passive joint movement, medical massage, soft tissue rehab, myofascial release, stretching, neuromuscular re-education, and customized modalities, restoring balance for the mind, body and spirit .
Packages of 5: $300     

90 Minute Massage – $95

Deep Tissue (Integrated full body), sports massage, Nero-muscular re-education, acupressure, customized somatic therapy (a multi-modality session for optimal results)
Packages of 5: $380

30 Minute Focused Massage $35

Any style massage usually focusing on targeted areas of discomfort. Ideal for injury rehab or chronic conditions.
Packages of 5 – $140

Insurance And Medical Massage

massage room
Tiffany Has been working with the employed, retired and military insured since 1998. If you have insurance and would like to inquire about your benefits for massage please call our office direct or inquire with your insurance member benefits to know if Tiffany is a listed provider on your plan.
Prices range from $22.50- $56.50 for the insured clients.

humming bird and handsHands to Heaven Comfort Care Massage

In Home or nursing home massage for Palliative Care

  • Providing massage therapy for the bedridden, terminal ill and chronically ill person
  • Gentle massage and calming techniques to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Aromatherapy and music for comfort
  • gentle skin care with nourishing products and exfoliating technique
  • Hydration through the skin

$125 per session: includes, travel and all home care necessary supplies





$75 per hour and available nationwide! Please inquire for details!








Massages San Diego