Circulation Therapies At Pacific Pearl La Jolla


Join Tiffany and the elite staff at Pacific Pearl la Jolla in beautiful WindanSea Beach in La Jolla, Ca.

Services Available: Far Infrared Sauna, Copper Tub, Massage


Far Infrared Sauna Sessions: $30 for 30min

Copper Tub Session: $35

Scrubs, Masks, and wraps are also available: Please call Center for details and to schedule. 858-459-6919


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(please note: Insurance benefits are not accepted at this location)

Our feet are special gateways to good health. Feet carry our weight as well as act as an important detoxify agents for the body. Soaks, scrubs and massage can indirectly boost the whole body’s immune system as well as relax the entire body of sore muscles and tension.

Complete Feet Retreat

feet soakSoak with herbal infused hydrobath salts

Exfoliating scrub

Deep pressure point massage and




Lymphatic Massage

the lymphatic system is responsible for total immune health. Sluggish immune harbors and contributes to dis-ease and chronic infections. By increasing circulation through lymphatic massage, you can detoxify the body and boost organ functions.


Lymph Drainage Massage

60min $125

90min $175

Helps with conditions: Lympho edema, Lipoedema, Edema, inflammation, cancers, after surgeries.


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