Restorative Healing San Diego

Restorative Healing San Diego

These sessions are designed with your health in mind. Sessions with minimum of 90 minutes, allow full relaxation of the mind while muscles of the body can get full attention from your bodyworker. This results in more muscular release and longer periods of relief of chronic conditions. These exclusive sessions are infused with multiple treatments of alternative therapeutic products and services for optimal restorative healing.

 3 steps to your natural healing process:

Embrace, Evolve, Emerge.

Each phase has special designed treatments to calm the mind and cleanse the body from harmful chemicals and immune suppressing elements. Products are used to deeply replenish and nourish the body through transdermal, manual therapies.

Education is a big part of this program. Products and home self care education is offered and recommended with these sessions to sustain lasting benefits.

The Process of Restoration – Embrace • Evolve • Emerge

Restorative Healing San Diego


The process begins when you embrace and accept yourself lovingly. Purging the lymphatic system of harmful toxins and rebuilding the immune system, and totally cleansing the body’s skin, is a critical first step towards repairing and restoring the defense systems against disease.


Mind and Body with Rose

  • 60 minute massage
  • Hypnotherapy or Reiki Session
    Supports mind, body and Spirit, creating and sustaining healing, change, and understanding. Reiki / Healing touch is an ancient, respected practice that has been effective for thousands of years used to promote health, balance the chakras, and clear unnecessary energy and emotions . Hypnosis or guided imagery, NLP utilizes the power of the mind.
    90 minutes $125

Feet & Back Retreat

  • Feet soak and vita point massage 
  • 60 minute back steam and deep tissue massage

Boost your immune system with a hydro soak and scrub or masque of the feet, reflexology and massage followed by a back steam and deep tissue massage to cleanse,exfoliate the skin.
90 minutes $125


Once the body is calm and the immune system is stimulated, the process of evolution can begin. This is accomplished through intestinal and liver detoxification, nutritional integration, movement and manual therapy, and mind-full release through the body and skin


EVOLVE Bundles


His Complete Care

Male getting spa

  • Deep condition and massage to scalp, neck
  • Facial massage with hair treatment
  • Linen soak and massage to feet

90 Minutes  – $95

The Complete Purge

  • Dry skin brush
  • Soothing cocoon bodywrap
  • Full body massage

This is intended to address the whole lymphatic system, with warm invigoration and soothing hydration.
120 minutes – $150











Celebrate restoration of health, balance, and harmonious living in mind and spirit!! Invigorating soma therapies, preventative treatments for self care, and continued balanced mind set, will keep you in touch with yourself. This is a time when others notice something “different” about you!


EMERGE Bundles

Legs and Hips Revive

  • Rejuvenator Plus Massage
  • Vascular scrub or cool body masque

Reduces the appearance of varicose veins, spider veins and cellulite. Tones and lifts the skin cells for a smooth and soft skin texture. Increases circulation in Cellulite and increases metabolism.
120 minutes – $150 

Hair and Neck Repair

  • Deep conditioning to hair
  • Deep tissue to neck, scalp and upper back
  • Feet soak

Relieving tension headaches and migraines. Start with a warm feet soak and  herbal hot pack placement. Then, retreat into a calming argan oil or deep conditioning cream for the hair with scalp massage and deep tissue to neck, shoulders and facial point therapy.
110 minutes – $135

Restorative Healing San Diego