Masques San Diego

Masques San Diego

Specific Skin Care for Your Face and Body

Special mud or clay are used for Masques because of their healing properties. Clay is mainly mineral (derived from rock) and draws out toxins and stimulates the skin. Mud also has minerals with small amounts of organic components that give anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Masques includes dry skin brushing, hot linen, or steam soak, toner, and oil application

Masques are useful for:

  • Detoxifying
  • Stress relief
  • Chronic Conditions including inflammation
  • Wound care
  • Burn care
  • Psoriasis

Single Masque Treatments:

Desert Clay: 50 minutes – $59

  • Dry skin brushing
  • Masque customized and application
  • hot linen hot steam
  • toner then serum application
    Desert red clay masque focused on the back hips and or legs, to tone and increase circulation in the skin and muscles. The hot linen moisturizes and open the pores for detoxification.

Cocooned Marine Masque: 50 minutes – $59

  • Dry skin brushing
  • Marine Masque customized and table top cocoon wrap
  • hot linen hot steam
  • toner then serum application

(contra-indications- allergies to marine algae)
Customized land or sea masque focused on the whole body. Increase lymphatic system, boost your immune and ultra nourish in this sea based masque in a cocoon wrap to purge and induce the pores to open and sweat.


Somatic Specialty Masques:

Soma Cellulite Cocoon: 80 minutes $85

  • Dry skin brushing
  • Rejuvenator plus massage
  • Gel Serum application then cocoon wrap
  • Sweating o very warm table top.

Wrapped in a cocoon after masque is applied. Focused areas are arms, legs, and stomach to tighten, contour, and shrink cells. Rejuvenator plus targets cellulite and deep muscle groups to flush toxins and increase circulation.


Masques San Diego