Body Wraps San Diego 


An ancient practice of herb infused linen wraps applied to the body and used to detoxify and internally cleanse the body.

This is a table top session~ You will be wrapped in herbal infused terry cloth or medical aesthetic wrap then your wrapped body will be linen draped and heated from the table. Our wraps are very relaxed and comfortable for anyone and even adjustable for our claustrophobic friends.

Session Includes dry skin brushing, hot linen wrap, table top cocoon and serum application.

Single Wraps:

Herbal Detox Wrap: 60 minutes – $69

  • Dry skin brushing
  • Hot linen herbal cocoon wrap
  • Finishing serum application

This herbal soaked hot linen aids in detoxification by flushing the lymphatic system and increasing your metabolism. This is very cleansing and effective as a jump start to your detox regime.

Weight Release Wrap: 70 minutes   $89

  • Dry skin brushing
  • Rejuvenator plus massage
  • Table top cocoon sweat

This herbal soaked hot linen aids in a weight loss program, reduction of water retention and revitalizes the skin tone, improving the elasticity of the skin. This session includes a cellulite mechanical rejuvenation therapy for the legs, glutes and hips. Please consult your physician prior to infrared heat usage if you have cardiac medical issues.

Deep Muscle Focal Wrap: 40 minutes $55

  • Myofascial release for deep tissue massage to affected area
  • focus area hot linen soaked wrap
  • feet or scalp massage 

This herbal soaked hot linen aids in the reduction of muscle pain and stiffness, internal cleansing with the elimination of toxins and muscle stress relief. Very cooling to release inflammation and heat.  Includes rejuvenator plus massage on the legs, glutes, back and hamstrings. Great for arthritis flare ups, fibromyalgia flare ups and muscle rehab from soft tissue injuries.

Customized Wrap for Your Specific Needs: 60 minutes $69

  • Every body is different and unique. We consider your needs and intentions and together we will create the perfect wrap to suit you!
  • Includes phone consultation prior to appointment, tips to prepare for your session and all product and applications during your appointment time.
  • Tips for continued home self-care is offered


~ For cellulite and deep muscle therapies 

rejevenator plus 1
Great for body wraps and muscle therapies $15 add to any session.

Wraps and Bodywork Sessions

Just for him – 120min $150

  • Dry skin brushing
  • table top wrap
  • deep tissue massage and or back steam

This is focused on the chest, back and hips wrap, followed by deep tissue massage with scalp massage. Great for those who are in body building need to lose inches for military weight in and or someone who wants to cut bulge and bloat.

Soma Detox Duo: 120 minutes – $150

  • Exfoliating and stimulating scrub
  • table top body wrap
  • 60 minute massage

This herbal soaked hot linen and scrub aids in stagnant tissue release, exfoliation, detoxification, and internal cleansing. Purging and effective for total body rejuvenation. Most popular treatment!! Great for lymph drainage detoxification.

Body Wraps San Diego